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Eons ago, there lived two All Powerful Gods called the Grand Sages.
Irus, the grand sage of Susura, a sage of order and believed in free will and
was a firm believer in fate, a sage who would never choose to alter the
fates of others.
Orus, the grand sage of Teno, a sage of passion and equality whom
believes that all beings, big or small, tall or short, deserved a chance to be
more than they are, to be great, astonishing!
The two sages then descended to a land from their home and created a
vast kingdom called Elreida. The kingdom thrived, sheltering humans from
all over. The Sages, honored and worshipped by the humans did more than
just be a dominant being to them. Orus was enticed with the humans’
loyalty, however, Irus did no such thing as to have connections with the
humans as he fears his presence could change the fate of the humans. Irus
urged his brother to cease interactions with the humans as he stated “Our
Duty is to Observe and not to Intervene.”
Problems started to occur to the kingdom of Elreida as demons and
corrupted beings began to appear throughout the entire world. These
demons ravaged land after land, and were known to be the Zabukais, they
were then on course to Elreida. The citizens, knowing they don’t have any
might against these foul beasts pleaded the Grand Sages for a way to
resist these beings. As it turns out, Orus stood ready to defend the beloved
town he and his brother created, Irus, however made no effort as he
thought that this might be the fate the humans will have to encounter.
Words can no longer persuade Orus as he could never stand another day,
just to see his people perish, he decided to give some of his magical power
to the humans which became known as sage magic.
Sage Magic was then spread across the kingdom, more and more, the
people started practicing the new power they possess. Furious, Irus kept
his brother sealed from his actions. As the war with the Zabukais emerged,
Irus surrounded the land with walls that won’t allow anyone inside to go
outside and outside to go inside. Many humans lost their lives in the war.
But, hope was not lost as one human, a woman rose above the others, her
name was Zaddea.
Zaddea was able to control her powers to an unimaginable power, almost
inhumane. She was passionate, and almost like a saint, as she woudn’t
take the lives of others unless if it’s necessary. Humans viewed her as a
God, a Grand Sage, she used it to her advantage. She began training other
fellow humans, spreading her techniques and teachings. She then built a
place for all people willing to fight the Zabukais called the Great Sage
But, one day, Zaddea disappeared, now people are being cornered by the
Zabukais, this time, with no power to fight back…

Install instructions

Once downloaded, extract the file and click the game icon. It has a little dragon on it.


The Sage Tower.exe (682 MB)


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